Near a remote Scottish village lies Soldier’s Wood, the home of Jeannie Moore, whom locals claim is a witch. One night, hurrying home through the wood, young Anna Ballater rescues Jeannie’s son Davey from a mantrap. In gratitude, Jeannie bequeaths to her the secret power of prophecy.

A voyage of discovery – journeying to India shortly afterwards, Anna’s voyage is beset by terrible events. First, she is abandoned and sold as a slave. Then she flees on a ship that is captured by pirates.   With two unlikely companions – Sean O’Grady, the ship’s captain, and Razadin Shah, the son of an African ruler – she escapes and sails to the Bahamas, arriving on the day that Prohibition is enforced in the United States.

Wealth beyond measure – Running boatloads of rum and whisky to Miami, Anna swiftly becomes rich beyond her dreams, but love eludes her – until Davey Moore comes back into her life.   But by then she has aroused the deadly envy of American gangsters who will not tolerate her success…

Cover illustration by © John Harris 

Now available again for Kindle and in paperback:

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