The Chinese Widow

James Leasor’s two preceding books in his chronicle of the Far East a century and half ago – FOLLOW THE DRUM and MANDARIN-GOLD were acclaimed by critics on both sides of the Atlantic. THE CHINESE WIDOW is their equal. It combines the ferocious force of the Dutch mercenaries who seek to destroy Gunn’s plan; the pathos of a young woman left alone to rule a fierce and rebellious people; the gawky humour of Gunn’s partner, the rough, raw Scot MacPherson; the mysterious yet efficacious practice of Chinese medicine, handed on through thousands of years…
When doctors in England pronounced his death sentence, Robert Gunn-founder of Mandarin-Gold, one of the most prosperous Far Eastern trading companies of the nineteenth century-vowed to spend his final year in creating a lasting memorial to leave behind him… to pay back, somehow, his debt to the lands of the East that had been the making of his vast fortune. He had a plan – a great plan – but to see it through he had to confront a fierce and rebellious people, a force of Dutch mercenaries and the Chinese Widow. Who was the Widow? What was her past-and her power…?
Action, suspense and the mysterious splendour of the Orient are combined in this exciting and moving novel.

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