The adventure story of a growing business empire. Trinity-Trio’s innocent beginnings as a one-ship Far Eastern trading company are soon sullied by illicit cargoes of slaves and opium, but the three powerful men who give the firm its name create their own good luck and lay the foundations of a vast multi-national conglomerate – and its powerful secrets.

The turbulent saga of three families. Richard Jackson is an idealistic young English doctor, Marvin Ross, a charismatic but ruthless American sea captain, Alec Douglas, the only son of one of Scotland’s greatest families. Their private lives are as flawed as their business practices, with dark lusts and broken loves providing no respite from the pursuit of wealth, but bringing forth heirs and bastards to create a troubled dynasty.

The epic panorama of a changing world. Sweeping from rain-drenched Victorian England to the vibrant colour of the East- India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore – and on to the opulence of today’s America and Caribbean, Succession spans a century and a half, from the days of the gas mantle to those of the private jet.

‘A story to knock your socks off, told at a fast and furious pace’ Prima

Now available for Kindle and paperback:

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