Passport To Oblivion

K coverPassport to Oblivion is the first case book of Dr. Jason Love . . . country doctor turned secret agent. Multi-million selling, published in 19 languages around the world and filmed as ‘Where the Spies Are’ starring David Niven.

‘As K pushed his way through the glass doors of the Park Hotel, he realized instinctively why the two stumpy men were waiting by the reception desk. They had come to kill him. …’

Cord on the set of Where the Spies Are

Who was K – and why should anyone kill him? Who was the bruised girl in Rome? Why did a refugee strangle his mistress in an hotel on the edge of the Arctic Circle? And why, in a small office above a wholesale fruiterers in Covent Garden, did a red-haired Scot sift through filing cabinets for the name of a man he knew in Burma twenty years ago? None of these questions might seem to concern Dr Jason Love, a country practitioner of Bishop’s Combe, Somerset. But, in the end, they all do.

Apart from his patients, Dr Love has apparently only two outside interests: his supercharged Cord roadster, and the occasional Judo lessons he gives to the local branch of the British Legion. But out of the past, to which all forgotten things should belong, a man comes to see him – and his simple, everyday country-life world is shattered like a mirror by a .38 bullet.

“Heir Apparent to the golden throne of Bond” The Sunday Times

“Splendid sit-up-all-night-to-finish fun.” Sunday Telegraph

Available for Kindle and as paperback:

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