Passport in Suspense

New cover

West German submarine ‘Seehund’ is hijacked during N.A.T.O. manoeuvres in the North Sea. Neo-Nazis want it for a daring operation; seeking out pockets of escaped war criminals in South America, they promise the elderly men free trips home under new identities if they will detonate three atomic devices at carefully positioned points on the sea bed. The subsequent chain reaction will then drastically affect the world’s climate, turning both Britain and America into arctic wastelands.

Holidaying in the Bahamas, Dr.Jason Love witnesses at close range the shooting of a beautiful brunette in a speedboat. She had been mistaken for Israeli spy Shamara, assigned to investigate millionaire Paul V.Steyr. Blind and insane, Steyr is the mastermind behind the terrible neo-Nazi plot. Only Love, teamed with Shamara, can stop him…

The book was first published in the U.S. as The Yang Meridian

‘The action is supersonic throughout.’ The Guardian

‘A superb example of modern thriller writing at its best’ Sunday Express

‘Third of Dr Love’s supercharged adventures… It starts in the sunshine of the Bahamas, swings rapidly by way of a brunette corpse into Mexico, and winds up in the yacht of a megalomaniac ex-Naxi… Action: non-stop: Tension: nail-biting’ Daily Express

‘His ingenuity and daring are as marked as ever’ Birmingham Post

Now available for Kindle and in paperback:

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