Passport in Suspense – James Leasor’s third Dr Jason Love casebook – now e-published in all formats

‘A superb example of thriller writing at its best’ – Sunday Express

‘Third of Dr Love’s supercharged adventures… It starts in the sunshine of the Bahamas, swings rapidly by way of a brunette corpse into Mexico, and winds up in the yacht of a megalomaniac ex-Nazi… Action: non-stop: Tension: nail-biting’ – Daily Express

‘His ingenuity and daring are as marked as ever’ – Birmingham Post

When a German submarine mysteriously disappears on a NATO exercise in the North Sea, and a beautiful girl was brutally murdered in the Bahamas, there at first seemed little connection between the two events.  But the missing sub was a vital link in a deadly plan to conquer the West, master-minded by a megalomaniac ex-Nazi.  And the dead girl was an Israeli agent intent on bringing to trial the ex-Nazis hiding in South America.

Dr Jason Love, the Somerset GP–turned part-time British secret agent, was enjoying a quiet holiday in Nassau, on his way to an old car rally in Mexico, when he witnessed the girl’s murder.  Before he knew it, he found himself dragged into the affair.  He duly travels to Mexico, thinking he has left this behind, but becomes plunged into a violent situation, with his life in danger – and a desperate mission to foil a terrifying plot to destroy Western civilisation as we know it…

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