Green Beach

What and where was ‘Green Beach’? Why did one man land there in Canadian Army uniform when he was neither a Canadian nor a soldier, under security conditions so strict that no one was told his name?

In 1942 radar expert Jack Nissenthall volunteered for a potentially suicidal mission to join a combat team who were taking part in what became known as the ‘Dieppe Raid’ in occupied France. His assignment was to penetrate a German radar station on a cliff above “Green Beach”. Because Nissenthall knew the secrets of British and US radar technology, he was awarded a personal bodyguard of sharpshooters. Their orders were to protect him, but in the event of possible capture to kill him. His choice was to succeed or die. The story of what happened to him and his bodyguards in nine hours under  almost constant fire is one of World War II’s most terrifying true stories of personal heroism.

‘Of all the war stories I have read, truth or fiction, this is the best’ – Ottawa Journal

‘Green Beach has blown the lid off one of the Second World War’s best-kept secrets’ – Daily Express

‘If I had been aware of the orders given to the escort to shoot him rather than let him be captured, I would have cancelled them immediately’ – Lord Mountbatten

‘Green Beach is a vivid, moving and at times nerve-racking reconstruction of an act of outstanding but horrific heroism’ – Sunday Express

‘…a cracking good story’ – Globe & Mail

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  1. It is shocking to realize the commitment regularly drawn from so many in that harsh time.
    Thank you for highlighting this history.

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