The thrilling story of an audacious financial coup . Only two voting shares stand between Trinity-Trio, one of the world’s greatest conglomerates, and a totally hostile takeover. The legendary tycoon they call The Australian will stop at nothing to secure them, but he is not the only one with his eye on this target…

The tumultuous saga of three business moguls. A half-caste whore rises inexorably to the top of a huge commercial empire, but only she knows at what terrible cost. A survivor of the first atom bomb becomes head of Japan’s biggest motor company, but cannot repay a debt of honour. A young man turns his back on a fortune in order to seek the truth about himself.

The epic canvas of a world in turmoil. From the teeming Calcutta slums and the devastation of Hiroshima to the plate-glass skyscrapers of Hong Kong; from the fleshpots of the Bahamas and the private clinics of the super-rich to the primitive grandeur of Ayers Rock, Generation spans half a century of global upheaval, economic re-birth and personal endeavour.

‘An epic saga and an epic success’ Sunday Express

Now available for Kindle and in paperback:

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