Frozen Assets

Dr Jason Love, a West Country physician, is regarded as one of the world’s experts on the vintage 1930s American Cord automobile. With its long, coffin-nosed bonnet with two stainless steel exhaust pipes protruding on either side, its steeply raked split windscreen, front wheel drive, retractable headlights and integral construction, it is not so much a car as a personal statement. Even so, when the Midland Widows Insurance Company is asked to insure a Cord Roadster discovered in Pakistan for £10 million, it asks Dr Love to fly out and check why the car is worth so much. What appears to be a routine trip becomes a nightmare.

The discovery of the body of an early traveller – preserved for centuries in an Afghanistan glacier — leads to a hunt to uncover deposits of rhodium, one of the world’s rarest minerals. Its discovery could revolutionize Afghanistan’s economic future — but can Love get there before the Russians?

‘Splendid sit-up-all-night-to-finish fun’ Sunday Telegraph

‘The urbane man’s James Bond makes a welcome return’ Daily Express

”A walloping climax…. Spirited and amusing’ San Francisco Chronicle

Now available for Kindle and in paperback:


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  1. The Cord! My second-favorite automobile, after the 1912 Mercer Raceabout (and I have an equal chance of getting either one). Now I must go play the lottery. TP

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