Passport in Suspense – James Leasor’s third Dr Jason Love casebook – now e-published in all formats

‘A superb example of thriller writing at its best’ – Sunday Express

‘Third of Dr Love’s supercharged adventures… It starts in the sunshine of the Bahamas, swings rapidly by way of a brunette corpse into Mexico, and winds up in the yacht of a megalomaniac ex-Nazi… Action: non-stop: Tension: nail-biting’ – Daily Express

‘His ingenuity and daring are as marked as ever’ – Birmingham Post

When a German submarine mysteriously disappears on a NATO exercise in the North Sea, and a beautiful girl was brutally murdered in the Bahamas, there at first seemed little connection between the two events.  But the missing sub was a vital link in a deadly plan to conquer the West, master-minded by a megalomaniac ex-Nazi.  And the dead girl was an Israeli agent intent on bringing to trial the ex-Nazis hiding in South America.

Dr Jason Love, the Somerset GP–turned part-time British secret agent, was enjoying a quiet holiday in Nassau, on his way to an old car rally in Mexico, when he witnessed the girl’s murder.  Before he knew it, he found himself dragged into the affair.  He duly travels to Mexico, thinking he has left this behind, but becomes plunged into a violent situation, with his life in danger – and a desperate mission to foil a terrifying plot to destroy Western civilisation as we know it…

‘NTR: Nothing to Report’ a moving novel about the Burma Campaign in WW2 published in all e-formats

“Superbly authentic atmosphere, taut narration” – The Observer

“Mr. Leasor brings to ‘Nothing to Report’ a journalist’s straightforwardness, and an on-the-spot sureness about how frightened men behave, that are both refreshing and effective.” – Spectator

In the early spring of 1944, when the British fortunes of war in the East were low, the Japanese invaded India. From General Headquarters, the word went out that the invasion must be stayed whatever the cost and thus it was that the men of draft RAKXK were sent to one of the unknown, unheard of places in India to defend one of the smaller sectors of the front. NTR is their story and tells of their battles, their loves, their deaths. For they travelled halfway round the world, they endured dangers by land, sea and air, and then, in the end, what was the message they sent back? NTR – Nothing to Report. The reason behind this, illustrating all the irony of war and its consequences, is related in James Leasor’s semi-autobiographical, moving and realistic novel.

“…Before a battle, everyone comports himself in a different way, and one that is curiously symbolic of the man himself. There are those who lay out their kit neatly by the side of their bed roll, and then calmly, so it seems, unroll their mosquito nets and lie down, ready and willing for sleep, no more concerned, at least to the looker-on, than if they were off on a week’s holiday next day. There are others who lie, nets up, surrounded by busy mosquitoes, talking with friends in low tones, trying to peer through the dimness of the night and see the future and the day beyond. Still others smoke nervously and constantly, jamming their cigarettes through the hole in the concealing tobacco tin, lonely, yet drawn in on themselves like snails with their feelers beneath their shells.

All waiting. All passing the time in the only way they know that would make it seem to go quickly. But for all of them, the time drags slowly, and there is no way of making it hurry. Some lucky ones actually fall asleep unexpectedly, and lie on their backs, fully dressed, snoring. But even for them, two o’clock eventually comes; for some too soon, and for others far too late…”

“…When the dust had cleared there was no-one left among them to grumble at all, not even Mr Brown. Ten men accounted for in an instant by one shell that had been made months before in a munition sweat shop outside Yoshida City by bare-foot, hungry workers; that had been carried a thousand miles in a ship with some hundreds of British civilians who were being transferred to Changi Jail from Hongkong, and then up through Malaya to Bangkok and Rangoon; and then brought lashed on the backs of mules, six shells a side, to Nyaunglebyin, where a gun crew of unknown Japanese lubricated it with urine and slapped it in the breach….”

“…Men who had come from opposite sides of the world to meet so fiercely thus in a place none had heard of a month before. Men who did not hate each other because they did not know each other, but who were intent on killing quickly if they could, for otherwise they might be killed themselves…”

“The Red Fort” now e-published

A year after the Crimean War ended, an uprising broke out in India which was to have equal impact on the balance of world power and the British Empire’s role in world affairs.

The revolt was against the East India Company which, not entirely against its will, had assumed responsibility for administering large parts of India. The ostensible cause of the mutiny sprang from a rumour that cartridges used by the native Sepoy troops were greased with cow’s fat and pig’s lard — cows being sacred to the Hindus, and pigs abhorred by the Mohammedans. But the roots of the trouble lay far deeper, and a bloody and ineptly handled war ensued.

The Red Fort is a breathtaking account of the struggle, with all its cruelties, blunderings and heroic courage. When peace was finally restored, the India we know today began to emerge.

“This is a battle piece of the finest kind, detailed, authentic and largely written from original documents. Never has this story of hate, violence, courage and cowardice been better told.”

The New York Times


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“Host of Extras” now available in all e-formats

The bawdy, wise-cracking owner of Aristo Autos is offered two immaculate vintage Rolls straight out of a collector’s dream: one is a tourer, the other an Alpine. The cars, and Aristo, get in on a shady film deal which leads to a trip to Corsica with the imperturbable Dr Jason Love and the infinitely desirable Victoria – and to the cut and thrust of violent international skulduggery.

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“Mandarin-Gold”, the first of the Robert Gunn trilogy, now on all e-formats

It was the year of 1833 when Robert Gunn arrived on the China coast. Only the feeblest of defenses now protected the vast and proud Chinese Empire from the ravenous greed of Western traders, and their opening wedge for conquest was the sale of forbidden opium to the native masses.

This was the path that Robert Gunn chose to follow… a path that led him through a maze of violence and intrigue, lust and treachery, to a height of power beyond most men’s dreams — and to the ultimate depths of personal corruption.

Here is a magnificent novel of an age of plunder — and of a fearless freebooter who raped an empire.


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‘Open Secret’ now available in all e-formats

Max Cornell had survived the Katyn massacre and the Russian camps. Now he wanted a new life – and the money to enjoy it – in England. And the price of a passport was three years’ work for British Intelligence, running the Russian codenamed Butcher.
Asimir Vasarov, once camp commandant at Katyn, became Stalin’s closest aide – a man whose political loyalty was assured and whose power was unlimited.
But the successful British businessman and the man from the shadows of the Kremlin share more than memories of the past. In the post-war world of high politics and backstreet crime, they are linked by an explosive truth which could rock governments if it ever became an OPEN SECRET.

‘Fast-moving… a nice seedy atmosphere’ – SUNDAY EXPRESS

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“War at the Top” now available in all e-book formats

Based on the experiences of General Sir Leslie Hollis, who served at the centre of British power for nine years from 1936 to 1945. It includes first-hand accounts of the most momentous moments of WW2 with personal recollections of meetings held underground in the Cabinet War Rooms, in the USA, at the major conferences – Cairo, Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam – from the position of a true insider.   It describes the numerous tensions and arguments between the British themselves and between the British and their allies. It tells of meetings with virtually all the key people on the Allied side – Churchill, Beaverbrook, General Ismay, General Sir Alan Brooke, General Montgomery, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Stalin, de Gaulle, to name just a few.  This book tells it how it really was, not as the official histories tell us.

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‘The Marine from Mandalay’ now e-published in all formats

This is the incredible, true story of a Royal Marine’s walk to safety.  Wounded by shrapnel in Mandalay in WW2, he endures a long solitary march to avoid the Japanese through the whole of Burma and then finds his way across India and back to Britain to report for duty in Plymouth. On his way he has many encounters and adventures and helps many British and Indian refugees. He also has to overcome complete disbelief that a single man could walk out of Burma with nothing but his orders – to report to HQ – and his initiative.  He has to overcome his wounds, malaria, the enemy, some ‘friends’, the jungle and the monsoon.