Book List

Jason Love novels

Passport to Oblivion (filmed, and republished in paperback, as Where the Spies Are) (1964)

Passport to Peril (published in the U.S. as Spylight) (1966)

Passport in Suspense (published in the U.S. as The Yang Meridian) (1967)

Passport for a Pilgrim (1968)

A Week of Love (1969)

Love-all (1971)

Love and the Land Beyond (1979)

Frozen Assets (1989)

Love Down Under (1992)

Jason Love and Aristo Autos novel

Host of Extras (1973)


Aristo Autos novels

They Don’t Make Them Like That Any More (1969)

Never Had A Spanner On Her (1970)


Robert Gunn novels

Mandarin-Gold (1973)

The Chinese Widow (1975)

Jade Gate (1976)

Other novels

Not Such a Bad Day (1946)

The Strong Delusion (1951)

NTR: Nothing to Report  (1955)

Follow the Drum (1972)

Open Secret (1982)

Ship of Gold (1984)

Tank of Serpents (1986)




The Monday Story (1951)

Author by Profession (1952)

Wheels to Fortune (1954)

The Sergeant-Major; a biography of R.S.M. Ronald Brittain, M.B.E., Coldstream Guards (1955)

The Red Fort (1956)

The One That Got Away (1956)

The Millionth Chance: The Story of The R. 101 (1957)

War at the Top (published in the U.S. as The Clock With Four Hands) (1959)

The Conspiracy of Silence (1960)

The Plague and the Fire (1961)

Rudolf Hess: The Uninvited Envoy (1962)

Singapore: the Battle that Changed the World (1968)

Green Beach (1975)

Boarding Party (filmed, and republished in paperback, as The Sea Wolves) (1978)

The Unknown Warrior (published in the US as Code Name Nimrod and republished in paperback as  X-Troop) (1980)

Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? (1983)

The Marine from Mandalay (1988)

Rhodes & Barnato: The Premier and the Prancer (1997)

As Andrew MacAllan

Succession (1989)

Generation (1990)

Diamond Hard (1991)

Fanfare (1992)

Speculator (1993)

Traders (1994)

As Max Halstock

Rats – The Story of a Dog Soldier (1982)

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  1. I am very interested in Hess: The Uninvited Envoy and wonder if any research notes still exist? Whilst I am sure Hess was ‘invited’, there is a lot of realy good research with people who were still alive at the time of writing.

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